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Our new 4 week Poetry course The Romanic Poets, Keats and Wordsworth  begins in Feb 5th 2022.

The aim of this course is to introduce the world of the Romantic poets in a fuller and more engaging way than ever before. To explore their ideas and ideals and take the best of these forward into our own writing lives and to be inspired by the sheer leap of imagination in their work and by their individual, independent thinking. 

The course will be based on our previous successful format, but this time we will have two weeks to fully engage with each poet. The first week we will study the life and poetry of the poet and the second week participants will work on their response to set exercises that incorporate the poet's ideas or/and their own work. We will meet on Zoom each Saturday morning to discuss the poets, their work and the work of the participants. Each new poem inspired by the exercise will receive a critiqued response. There will be an end of course reading of these poems.


Booking for this course is now closed! Watch out for our next course later in the year.

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