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Image result for ron carey poetry My name is Ron Carey. I was born in Limerick and I live in Dublin.  I had always written poetry, or verse I think you could call it then. Even as a very small boy. It impressed the hell out of my Mum and Dad. But as I grew older this eccentricity didn't quite seem macho enough for most of my rugby playing friends. As a young man I worked in Shannon Industrial Estate in Clare. Most of the time I stood in front of machines that cut and milled and drilled steel until I had eaten enough metal to spit nails.  Then, I fell in love with a beautiful young woman and followed her to Dublin. 

Years and years and years went by (even that does not convey the length of time - yet, conversely, a snap of the fingers does). I had missed the boat. There was no time for poetry in my life and anyway modern poetry was rubbish, wasn't it? 

About ten years ago, with the encouragement of my wife Cathy and my brother, Greg, I started to write again. My poems began to appear in journals and magazines. I began to get some recognition with awards and prizes and I was awarded a Diploma in Creative Writing from the Open University. Then I applied and was accepted by Glamorgan University (now the University of South Wales) for a Masters in Creative Writing, which I was awarded in 2015. My first poetry collection, 'DISTANCE' was published and nominated for The Forward Prize Best First Collection, UK and Ireland 2016. In 2018, I launched my 2nd collection, 'Racing Down The Sun.' I hope to launch my 3rd collection at the end of 2021.

Ron Carey Poetry